Thursday, November 26, 2009

Garage Floor Paints - Chicago painting contractor

Garage Floor Paints - Chicago painting contractor

Garage Floor paints very in quality and preparation methods of the concrete surface before application. As I stated in various other articles I am not a big fan of any of these products. I have yet to see even one of them that has lasted more than a year or two.

Of course your slab has to be clean.
It must be free of oil, grease, mud, sheetrock mud, paint, adhesives etc. The reason for the failures, for the most part, is the inadequate preparation of the concrete. For any paint or epoxy to achieve a proper bond to the concrete the pores in the concrete have to be "opened up". This can be achieved by the use of mechanical means, shot-blasting, scarifying and/or grinding. These methods are not really readily available to homeowners or DIYers.

Unless you have an equipment rental center near you that is the "concrete equipment" location for a large metro area chances are that you won't even be able to rent one of these machines, let alone know how to run one.

Never fear there is an easier way and if you insist upon using a "concrete paint' it will give you the best chance you have to keep it on the slab and not peel up. Notice that I didn't say I guarantee that it will keep the paint on the slab I said it would give you the best chance.

If you insist on a paint or "concrete stain" be prepared to have to redo your floor every two to three years. If you don't mind having to do this or your budget is limited please take the recommended prep to heart as this will increase your chances of longevity of your floor by a factor of at least 50%.

When deciding on products for your floor try to find paint that is higher in solids than others. This will give you a better chance of receiving a good product. Behr, Duron and Olympic are good choices for this type of product.

Remember you get what you pay for.

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  1. Thanks for your post. A lot of considerations is needed before selecting a coating in garage flooring. Else the entire try will get wasted. I think the epoxy coatings are good ones than acrylic.